Inspired again!

Hello Sheikhland peoples!

Long time, no see!

I know, I know!

A whole month of absence from this place and I feel totally accountable!

But I badly missed WordPress and how!

I don’t know how to put in words the weird kind of phase that I was going through, well I still am but now I am one determined girl to conquer it. That’s the phase, I have read, a lot of new and first time mums go through. I just got so busy dealing with the responsibilities of a 9 month old, that I just stopped being inspired to write, to create … to be myself. And to be honest, I hated to be in that space.

All you mommies out there, are you hearing me?

But after wasting an entire month, I am now all set to make sure I come back to writing some lovely blogs, to take out some me-time every single day come what may, TO WORK OUT, to just be myself.

Inspired again!

It is not going to be easy I know … I know so well but I will try my best.

All I can say that is that I feel absolutely inspired again to do all that I love to do, with all my heart, keeping smiles and ambitions accompany. 🙂

On that very positive note, toodles for now. I am off to working on a ‘Lushious’ story (wink wink).

See you in my next and hey, if you are on Snapchat/Instagram/Twitter, do add me at @ChandniLahoti.


2 thoughts on “Inspired again!

    • Aww …. thanks so much my dearest Sophie! Can’t wait to see and catch up on all the awesome work that I have missed while I was away from this space. Lots of love from Sheikhland! ❤ 🙂

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