{Chandni Reviews} Dad’s Lemon Garden Tree & Dear John By Lush

Hi lovely people of the internet!

Sheikhland is braving the heat it is known for. Another couple of months to go before temperatures begin to behave but no complaints until and unless I get to sit in my air-conditioned room and try/test some ‘luscious’ products for y’all.

Lush it is people … the brand we all love …. the brand so totally lovable. Fresh, handmade and with such ahhhmazing fragrances – the Lush products got a big fan in me.

And today I am gonna be talking about two latest fragrances launched by Lush and what these make really unique is that these are inspired by family memories of Mark Constantine, the founder of the brand.

Dad’s Garden Lemon Tree –

With this unisex fragrance, Mark pays a tribute to the memories of his father’s verdant South African Garden, full of light and bright colours. And people, you got to love the packaging of this product – so vintage, so living upto the fact that it is something inspired by memories.

Talking about how it smells, Lemon Tree is a rather simple and fresh aroma made from a combination of lemon, lime, bergamot and lavender oil.

It has a bright and sweet citrus scent, which made me feel all refreshed. It is uplifting too and if you apply it after a long tiring day, you would feel both fresh and clean.

But it has a pretty short lifespan. Just lasted on me for an hour before I felt the need of reapplying it.

People who love refreshing citrusy not too complex scents would like this one but it is not meant for those who love complex, long lasting fragrances that are more dimensional in nature.

Dear John –

Guys and gals, Lush has totally won when coming to this new cologne body spray, very dramatically called ‘Dear John’, which again is a tribute to Mark’s father.

He wanted his remembrance of his father to smell of coffee, and went on to add notes of coriander, lime and tobacco. When you smell some on your skin, all that fills your head is a memory of the familiar.

What I reeeeeeally loved about this unisex fragrance is the unique blend of the fruity, coffee, earthy notes that generate an absolutely pleasing aroma.

When sprayed on the skin, the layers beautifully disintegrate allowing a whole experience of the all the different layers and the elements of the pine, vetivert, coffee, tobacco, cedar and clove.

If I had to describe the fragrance in one word, I would say ‘sensual’.

It has a great lasting span and goes on for good 4 hours.

I totally LOVE this one.

What are your favourite Lush products?

Did you find my review useful?

I would love to hear from you. And if there is any specific Lush product you would want me to review, do let me know in the comments.

Disclaimer – I was sent the above samples by the PR. However, my opinion on the products is honest as always and based on my experience with the products.

Until I see you next,



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