{Chandni Reviews} Revlon Nail Enamels

Hello lovely people of the internet!

Refreshed, rejuvenated and full of positive energy – Yes I am and that’s because I am just back from a fabulous holiday around the East coast of France road-tripping around Lyon, Annecy and some of the most beautiful villages in France. And I can’t wait to share some pictures and stories from the trip with you guys.

But for now what is helping me get over my holiday Blues are two pretty colours from the Nail Enamels by my favourite drugstore brand Revlon. The folks at Revlon Middle East were very sweet to send these two oh-so-pretty shades for me to try and boy, I am smitten!

Revlon nail paint 2

The nail enamel range is easy to apply and the colour goes on pretty smoothly on to the nails. It is made with chip-defiant formula. The best thing about it is the size and shape of the brush side of the bottle, which makes the task of self-painting the nails reeeeally easy and less clumsy.

Revlon nail paint 1

Talking about the colours now. The range comes in 72 different shades. The ones that I got are ‘Serene’ and ‘Ravishing’.

Shade number 320 ‘Serene’ is a lovely light Brown coffee nude. It is soft, subtle and looks really classy. With an extra coat or two, the colour builds up and the darker version too looks fabulous.

Revlon nail paint 3

The other shade is number 675 ‘Ravishing’. Pretty much living upto its name, this colour is just the perfect melange of Coral-Orange-Red. It’s a statement colour and it quite boldly and beautifully stands out. Date night, party night or just when you wish to look like a diva, go ‘Ravishing’ baby.

revlon nail paint 4

I am pretty impressed with the Revlon nail enamel range. As a true Revlon fan, I would say ‘Love is on’ and I am definitely going to buy more colours. My eyes are on ‘Fashionista’ now by the way. Go to this link and check out this sexy shade –


I hope you found this review useful. I have also talked about these on my Snapchat today. Add me there @ChandniLahoti for video reviews, OOTDs, MOTDs and a lots more. Snapchat is real fun and I am loving it.

I am around on Instagram too. Come say hello at @ChandniLahoti.

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