{EVENT} COS Autumn/Winter’14 Preview


Oh well, September is here and how! Or rather, it would be just right to say that in September, we eat, sleep and breathe fashion and why not! I absolutely love this time of the year in the Sheikhland When autumn and winter are just round the corner, and all the big brands and designers are all set to show you their creations to put your fashionable best this season.
And the round of fashion events this year began with the COS Autumn/Winter 2015 showcase that kind of redefined the AW clothing and is definitely setting new trends this season.
With Japan as the key influence, striking the balance between cam and drama, ranging from the draped layering of the kimono to the dramatic minimalism of the Mono-ha art movement, COS has brought in the most interesting colour palette with earthy tones, Emerald Greens, Pastel Blues – Ahhh …. I am in love! ❤


Apart from the colours, I simply loved the use of unique cuts and shapes. Particularly the backless jackets got a lot of appreciation and love not only at the event but also over the social media.


A glimpse of the accessories from the collection –


Love this bag …


I think this collection is definitely worth checking out.
For more information, visit www.cosstores.com



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