{EVENT} Parent to be Event With Mamas & Papas and Cecile De Scally

Hello lovelies!

What I am going to share with you in today’s post is very close to my heart and I hope some of you (first time mommies especially) would be able to relate to me.
When the pregnancy test flashed a +, I just didn’t know whether to just dance out of joy or cry out aloud.
It’s crazy what a beautiful mix of emotions a would be mom goes through and that’s just the start of an overwhelming, life-changing and the most beautiful part of a woman’ s journey.
As some of you who have been following my blog are aware that I was blessed with a cute little boy 11 months back and today when I look back at my pregnancy phase and the initial couple of months after Neil was born, I just wish I got a chance to speak informally to someone who  could guide me through it all ‘the right way’ and with ‘correct information’, to have someone to clarify all my doubts with, who could just listen to me like a friend and educate me to handle my pregnancy and baby in a better way.
With the internet being flooded with all sorts of information and forums, which is not all true, I would get very confused with the do’s and the don’ts for both me and my baby. Also coming from India, there were a lot of things that culturally are supposed to be done or strictly prohibited during pregnancy and after child birth.
Being first time pregnant, I would find it all so overwhelming and confusing as to what ‘really’ is the best and the right thing to do for my baby…. Well stressful would be more apt to say.
But it makes me very happy to share with you all that renowned kids’ brand Mamas & Papas have taken this initiative to keep some very useful sessions with experts to guide mommies at all stages. The first of the series – Parents to be Event took place in the M&P store in Mercato Mall on the 5th October 2015.
We got an opportunity to listen to Cecile De Scally who is the Co-Founder of Baby Senses. Cecile shared some precious information and advice on raising a new born, when to introduce a bottle-feed, the weaning process, everything from travel to sleep to the baby taking the first steps and above all on how to keep your baby happy.
The event was attended some lovely new mums and mamas to be around, who had a lot many questions and they walked more confident equipped with some great information from Cecile.
Cecile clarified a lot of things on what the ideal room temperature is for the baby, how should they be given a bath, advantages of massage for the baby, tricks to keep the baby happy on the plane while travelling, weaning foods, when to start giving finger foods and so on.
I have compiled a little video where Cecile is answering two questions that I think are a common concern –
1. What should be the ideal room temperature for the baby?
2. When to introduce the bottle-feed and which is a recommended brand for bottles?
I really hope you found this video useful.
Leaving you with the Facebook links for both Mamas and Papas and Baby Senses for you to follow them and get some useful updates.
Until I see you next,
Stay beautiful!

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