Cheers to 2016!

Hello lovely people of the Blogland! Happy New Year to each one of you! *smiles*
I know I am 10 days late but hey am so happy and excited to be back here in this space.
The last couple of months of 2015 was a lot of travel for me and so I could not blog as much but I am so looking forward to blogging in 2016 as I have some interesting plans around that.
Well, talking about 2015,it just flew by. Isn’t it? For me, personally 2015 was all about learning, experiencing and celebrating motherhood. As Neil came into my life, the blog took a bit of a backseat last year. With both my hands full with a zillion things to do, I was busy creating memories, living some priceless moments and feeling blessed every single second. It’s amazing how those innocent eyes and tiny hands are big enough to change your entire perspective on life.

Image : From personal album

And what is even more amazing is how fast they grow up. Neil  has turned 1 now. Oh yay! I am mother to a one year old. I still find it difficult to believe how quickly this entire phase has flown by but things have become easier to manage, and  here I am back to doing my favourite thing – blogging and trust me as I type this, I am grinning ear to ear. I truly missed it.
But some exciting things are coming up on the blog this year so please stay connected. I would need much more of your support this year. Keep inspiring me the way you have always been. May 2016 be the best year ever for each one of us! Much love to all of you!

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