{EVENT} Naturalizer SS’16 Collection Launch

As much as I love wearing high heels, I would absolutely dread them at the same time for all the pain they give your feet but the day I got introduced to the world of Naturalizer shoes, my life changed.
I can wear my Naturalizer heels and can ‘seriously’, ‘honestly’ and ‘EASILY’ spend the entire day in them without any aahs and ouchs. Well, let me add another ‘COMFORTABLY’ there.
So, ladies, if you haven’t yet given Naturalizer a try yet, I absolutely recommend you should if you too like me love wearing stylish yet comfortable shoes.
The brand is popularly also called ‘the shoe with the beautiful fit’ and is another gem from the Club Apparel Group. And FYI they also do some chic yet practical handbags.
Recently I had the pleasure of being invited to Naturalizer’s Spring Summer 2016 Press Preview and here are my faves in this post from the collection.
The collection is beautifully sticking to the signature Naturalizer style of being comfy yet trendy. There is a range specially dedicated to the working women.
But what I absolutely loved in the collection were the handbags (oh this handbag obsession!).
The genuine leather handbag collection had a variety of choices apt for every occasion but what I liked about them was their practical design though keeping the style element intact.
So, if you wanna get the taste of Naturalizer, do pop into their stores in the Dubai mall or the Mall of the emirates or Ibn Batuta Mall or Mirdiff city center and loads of other malls in Dubai.
And if you try them, I would love to your opinion on them. 🙂
Until I see you next,
Stay beautiful! 🙂

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