{EVENT} Charming Charlie Store Launch@Ibn Batuta Mall

They say that accessories are the exclamation of a woman and how we so agree. Don’t we?

If you follow me on my Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter (@ChandniLahoti), you so know my neverending love for jewellery and bags.
Well, my husband calls it never-ending greed. (winks)
So, I could not stop jumping around in joy, when the famous US accessories brand, ‘Charming Charlie’ launched its store in our very own Sheikhland.
Known for their very trendy yet reasonable line, I absolutely love the way they offer a whole variety of accessories merchandised by colour.
It’s a one shop stop for fashion jewellery, handbags, small leather goods, scarves, watches, sunglasses, select footwear and apparel, a special occasion collection, and more.
I am presenting to you a glimpse of my faves at the store launch which is in Ibn Batuta Mall.
I loved this pair of bangles – Rose gold with just the right amount of glitter.
And for those who love chunky pieces, look at this –
There was a whole array of choices for earrings.
… and many amazing necklaces too.
The best part about the store is that you pick any colour and you have a big section dedicated to accessories in that particular colour.
So, all you accessory-lovers, get ready for spoiling yourself at Charming Charlie because there is nothing as too many accessories.
Until my next post,

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