Hola beautiful people!
Yours truly is just back from a beautiful trip to the charismatic city of Barcelona and is back in love with life again. All you mommies to the naughty toddlers, I am sure you can hear the emotions above (LOL)
Well … a photo-story on my Barcelona trip will be up here soon but today let’s talk about shopping for the little ones – something which makes me grin ear to ear with happiness and drives me nuts at the same time. Blame the kind of lovely things available for the kids these days – good enough to make any mommy go crazy with choices and decisions.
And one such store, where I want to go and feel like every single thing is Level Kids in Citywalk – a huge three-storeyed store with over 200 designer brands for the kids between 0 to 12 years of age. Infact Level kids is not just a store but an experience for the kids and the entire family.
The unique concept store extends over three floors: one dedicated to premium luxury brands, one to contemporary designers also featuring a shoe area and a third floor dedicated to urban trend brands with a specific area for new-born and nursery products.
Level Kids includes specialised services ensuring an enjoyable experience for both the kids and their parents: a spa, a photo studio, a birthday room, a classroom hosting a variety of activities, a VIC room, a concierge, a kid’s play area in addition to a custom gifting area.
What I absolutely love about the store is the amazing décor of a different theme at every floor! I feel like Alice in wonderland when I am at Level Kids and my little one cannot stop exploring and enjoying all the fun things around the store.
Also it’s a one-stop shop for every damn thing that you might wanna buy for your kids. The store showcases almost every designer brand that you can think of – Armani junior, Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi, Carolina Herrara, Roberto Cavalli to name a few.
So, all you shopaholic mommies, do visit this awesome store and I bet you are gonna love it as much as I do.
Follow Level Kids on Instagram at @LevelKids and get to know the latest on all the fun kids’ activities they keep organising from time to time.
Until I see you next,

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