My Collaboration With Max Fashions

Recently I got the opportunity of doing a lovely collaboration with Max Fashions – UAE’s very own homegrown brand.

Max stores are a one-stop destination for everything and anything you wish to shop for – clothes, home ware, kids’ wear and toys, make up, accessories and what not. And what  makes shopping all the more fun in a Max store is the easy navigation, gorgeous display and the helpful personal assistance you get in there.

Talking more about the collab, I was lucky to get a sneak peak into Max’s Ramadan Collection this year and what was a lot of fun was to capture the accessories from the collection through my lenses.

Earrings, necklaces, bags, hats, goggles – I picked a whole lot of lovely stuff from their lovely collection available across Max stores at reasonable prices.

Sharing some of my favourite picks from Max –


Red bag with golden details

This gorgeous Red bag with golden details. This bag was love at first sight for me – the colour, the structure and the size makes it the coolest accessory to jazz up any of your outfit this summer. Isn’t it really pretty?




Earrings are to women what ties are to men. Being a self-admitted earrings-hoarder, I could not resist myself from picking this simple yet classic pair of reverse earrings from Max. I loooooove the combination of Wine Red with Gold to add a touch of both colour and elegance to your outfit. Isn’t it a beautiful colour-combo?

Embellished bag

Love myself a gorgeous embellished Red bag to put together a festive look together or to just lift up a simple outfit and this lovely bag from the Ramadan collection of Max is just perfect for that. Isn’t it oh-so-pretty?

Max has gorgeous summer hats, sunnies, jewellery and a whole lot of makeup from popular brands like Maybelline, Rimmel and Max factor.

Love this silver watch – so chic and classy!

So hope you liked my faves from Max. If you wanna shop any of these pieces, visit your nearest Max store or shop online at

Until I see you at my next post,





{COLLABORATION} The Supercute New Dumbo Collection by Mamas & Papas

Greetings beautiful people!

This post is going to be a mommy special one. Oh yeah! This new mommy@Sheikhland is loving every bit of being one. My little bubba turned 8 months old recently. The little cuddles and hugs seem to make every day a lot more brighter, the adorable coos have filled in my little nest with so much joy that words can’t explain and this mommy here definitely feels like the happiest girl on the planet after this munchkin has come into her life. BIG SMILE

And I am sure all you mommies to little ones would agree, how great a joy is to shop for the babies and a greater joy to fill in your phone memory with endless pictures/videos of them with the cute outfits on to make the most precious memories when these little ones are not little anymore.

And to add to my excitement for baby-shopping, one of favourite brands Mamas & Papas have come out with a NEW DUMBO COLLECTION – a collection of clothes for babies and toddlers featuring Dumbo – the adorably big-eared elephant who can fly. The exclusive range for 0–1 year-olds includes rompers, all-in-ones, bibs, jersey sets and a hat & mittens set for boys and girls. The softness of the sketches, created for the collection, perfectly capture the magic that has led to Dumbo becoming loved across the world.

The Mamas & Papas Team was very sweet to send a personalized Dumbo outfit for my little boy Neil. I love the softness of the fabric used and how comfortable the outfit is designed to be. Above all, Neil looked really happy flaunting his Dumbo dress with his name on and here my little Bubba makes his debut on my blog 🙂

My little rockstar Neil :)

Needless to say that both Mommy and Daddy were all elated too to and could not stop clicking him and adding up to some wonderful memories.

Check out more of Neil in this cute outfit on my Instagram. smiles

Also, usually baby’s clothes usually fade in colour after machine -wash or become hard. But Mamas & Papas clothes have always passed this test for me. They retain their colour and softness even after wash for several times. Mamas & Papas have always maintained a great level of quality, design and a good value of what you pay.

“Disney is at the heart of childhood – exciting adventures and lovable characters – so we jumped at the chance to bring a little of that Disney magic to Mamas & Papas”. Richard Harris, Mamas & Papas Fashion Director. The collection got available from early May, 2015 and is gonna be there for just 12 weeks, so don’t miss out – especially since it is likely to fly off the shelves!

I absolutely recommend this collection to all mommies out there – very cute, very comfy and easy maintenance.

So, hurry up as this exclusive collection is going to be around only for 12 months.

If you go ahead and buy one of Dumbo outfits, I would love to hear from you as to how you like it.

Hugs to your little ones!


{COLLABORATION} Celebrating Colours This Summer with IndiaCircus

Summer is smiles.

Summer is happiness.

Summer is brightness.

Summer is colours.

And what brings together all these elements to ensure you celebrate summer is the online shopping brand Indiacircus.

In my last post today in the series I am running in collaboration with them, here are a few of my favourite picks to add a gorgeous dash of colour to my summers this year.

Going to the gym looks more exciting with these Yellow parrot socks. Now aren’t these reeeeally cute?

You can also wear them with sandals and skirts. They look adorably cute and stylish!

This wallet cum sling bag is just the perfect accessory.

You can wear it with a summer dress or just as a bag essential.

Don’t blame me but I am obsessed with my iPhone cover. It is such a pretty girly Pink cover and also makes a great gift for the girls in your life.

Which is your favourite pick from the above?

Don’t forget to follow Indiacircus on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at @Indiacircus.

Until I see you next,


Disclaimer – This post is in collaboration with Indiacircus.

Images – Please do not use without prior written permission.
Images are of Chandni Lahoti and subject to copyright.

{COLLABORATION} A Summer Afternoon@Sheikhland with Indiacircus

A fine day of early summer in the Sheikhland … sun not too harsh yet … and a beautiful breeze to just make it an apt occasion to catch up with a friend for the afternoon tea and a hearty conversation.

What I opted to wear was an off-white shirt with some comfy Navy trousers but hey what fetched me a lot many compliments were my colourful accessories from my favourite brand Indiacircus.

Sheikhlanders! Presenting to you the second blog post from my Indiacircus series. Needless to say how much I love their stuff and oh-so-awesome it is, what say you?

So, if you are heading out to the beach or a brunch or just meeting a friend – add the lovely Jholas to your outfit and see the magic it add ups with the gorgeous melange of colours Indiacircus is famous for.

They go so beautifully with summer dresses or denims or shorts or just about anything.

And hey I know you are also looking at that utterly cute Owl watch. Oh I don’t blame for being envious, it is just one of my most favourite possessions ever.

If you like some statement watches, well you would be spoilt for choices on Indiacircus.
They make such a pretty gift too. By the way they have a collection for men too.

Talking about tea catch ups, I love my tea a bit more when it is in a IndiaCircus mug. (smiles)

On that note, wish y’all a gorgeous weekend! 🙂

Don’t forget to follow Indiacircus on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at @Indiacircus.

Until I see you next,


Disclaimer – This post is in collaboration with Indiacircus.

Images – Please do not use without prior written permission.
Images are of Chandni Lahoti and subject to copyright.

{COLLABORATION} Reliving Indian summers in the Sheikhland with Indiacircus

When I think of my childhood, the happy carefree days, I go back to the Indian summers of school holidays, of the days I spent in Naani Maa’s home … being spoilt with aamras, chocolates and never-ending cuddles, of lying in her lap for hours listening to old Hindi songs on radio and the touch of her soft paisley-embroidered sari. Her home was a celebration of art, of India with colourful bedsheets, cushions, curtains, wall-hangings and various little decor pieces from Gujrat and Rajasthan, most of which had the designs of elephants or horses.

Naani Maa still smiles at me from heaven and the impressions, the images of her home are still as fresh in my mind and continue to inspire me be it the kind of clothes I wear or the décor of my home or just little things – and trust me, I had no clue about this influence until a friend pointed out to me that I tend to always pick up things which have an India-inspired design and colours.

Call it an irony, that I have been living outside India for 7 years now but the love for India-inspired designs has only become stronger.

And so, this summer when I am actually in the very cosmopolitan Dubai, I am reliving my Indian summers – thanks to one of my most favourite brands – Indiacircus which makes it absolutely simple to bring India to your home, wherever in the world you are.

What’s amazing is the way Indiacircus manages to give a modern twist to the age old Indian symbols like peacocks, elephants, Rajas and even kolhapuris. The man behind all this creativity is Mr. Krsna Mehta who is a sought-after Mumbai-based artist and product designer and has done work for some of the city’s most storied names, including construction mogul Shapoorji Pallonji, members of the Jindal and Ruia steel families, as well as the famed Taj hotels and the Macy’s in New York.

So all you beautiful people of the internet, allow yours truly to take you through a series of blog posts every week, which will be a tribute to my Indian summer memoirs and a recreation of those memories in my life today, mingling it into the tastes and style that I have grown with my years in London and now in Dubai … a series of blog posts where I am going to talk about my favourite things from my favourite brand Indiacircus.

so, let’s begin, shall we? (smiles)

Back in the days, summers would be all about lazing around in the porch on the colourful daris (rugs) surrounded by huge fabric-painted pillows, with my Complan milk (remember Complan?) and reading Nancy Drew.

Today, summers are all about waiting for Fridays, sitting in my balcony and though the Complan milk has been replaced with tea and Nancy Drew with Shantaram, what still makes me feel at home in the foreign land is an array of Indian colours around me.

Look at these gorgeous cushions – they can spark up any ambience and add a lot of style quotient too to your space.


And what makes my reading time prettier is having that paisley-printed Spectacle case with a dash of Pink.


I simply love this print – there is something so Indian and so stylish about the paisley design.


Whilst I am reading, I think my tea definitely tastes a bit better in my gorgeous Yellow mug with Kolhapuris printed on it.- Ahh! those days of college, of cotton kurtas, of ideas of changing the world and of kolhapuris. (sigh)


And oh wait …. with such a pretty setting, I cannot afford to not Instagram it and also share on my Snapchat (add me at @chandnilahoti on both Instagram and Snapchat) – Well hello my new iPhone cover – all Pink and with Peacocks on it.


Oh I don’t blame you for being envious. (winks) It’s a beauty isn’t it?


And so you can make other people envious, hop on to the website of, where you can shop for everything featured in this post.

What are your Indian summer memories like? I would love to hear.

So, next Friday, until I bring you another post from this series, as my Naani Maa would have said it,

Phir milenge! ( See you again)

Disclaimer – This post is in collaboration with Indiacircus.

Images – Clicked by Chandni Lahoti. Please do not use without prior written permission.
Images are of Chandni Lahoti and subject to copyright.