Back to my happy place

Hello lovely people!

Feels so  good to be typing in a proper blog post and how I missed this feeling!

With Instagram ruling the social media and taking over the concept of ‘blogging’, I used to feel absolutely demotivated to post anything in this space and to be honest, I would feel very unhappy about it.

But here I am … back in this space … for the love of writing … for the love of ‘real blogging’.

Expect a lot of beauty and make up reviews in here.

For now, I am back to a hot cuppa and some reading!

But I shall see you soon …. here …. at my happy place!

Here is to ‘blogging’ in the true sense of the word!




Hello 2018!


Hello lovely people of the Sheikhland and around the world!

Happy happy 2018 to all of you! ūüôā

Love the positive spirit a new year brings along! And armed with all the determination, I am absolutely looking forward to this year with bigger dreams, which I am sure will bring in bigger challenges.

But whilst I am totally focussed on achieving my work-related goals for the year, I have promised to give equal attention to my health and well-being this year; something I have always neglected in the past and 2017 came up with a much needed alarm on this front.

If you too tend to do this to yourself, its time to change that because nothing in the world is as important as your health.

So, hope you have a fabulous 2018, may you are able to turn your dreams into your goals and your goals into achievements.

Let’s do this!






Hello lovely people of the Sheikhland and around the world! ūüôā

Howdy dowdy? I know it’s been long since we met here in this space.

I will share the reasons in another post which I warn you is gonna be a long one.

Let’s keep this a short and a sweet one as I just wanna say that I am reeeeeally happy to be back with my blogs here.

Although Instagram kept me more busy than you can imagine while I was away. If you ask why, go and have a look at my feed here –

Like it? Not like it? I would love to hear what you think of my new improved white themed Instagram feed.

See you at my next post!



The Red Lipstick and I

For the longest time, I avoided buying myself a Red lipstick. Honestly, I had no confidence to put on a Red lipstick. I had no courage to make a statement. No guesses, what my little vanity had was only neutral, plain, simple shades of lipsticks. Somewhere I felt comfortable behind that no-makeup, neutral face – comfortable because I was not saying – Hey! I am here. Look at me! … safe because I was not taking risk by putting a nobody face on.
But it was not a happy face either as I was hiding the real me inside, scared of how my face is gonna look if I chose that red lipstick which to be honest I always wanted to wear but was  afraid of looking ugly, felt I did not have a perfect face nor a perfect pout. Afraid of speaking my mind, I would not share my thoughts.
And when I thought deeply over it, I realised it was not just the choice of lipsticks, I was scared about taking any bold decisions in my life, be it the kind of baggy clothes I would wear or the boring finance job that I hated to the core.  I would not voice my opinions. I was not courageous enough to take a decision to change all of that. I was not feeling great enough about myself. I was not living enough.
And this realisation was just the start of every single thing that followed thereafter … great things because I let go of the feeling of ‘playing safe’ in my life. I may not have a¬†ten on ten¬†face or a¬†sexy pout but I am perfect just the way I am and I deserve to¬†make my choices, without being scared of what the world would think. I deserve to make choices that make ME happy – right or wrong, bold or not so bold as long¬†as I make them with confidence. I deserve to voice my opinions – right or wrong … they are mine.
I gave up the finance job. I changed my wardrobe. I started writing a blog. I bought a Red lipstick.
Featured Lipstick – Rouge Pur Couture by YSL No. 01
ysl 1

{Event} Toms Store Opens at The Dubai Mall

Hey all you shoe-lovers out there in the Sheikhland!
Yours truly has got some awesome news for you if you like me are always on the look out for cool yet comfy shoes.
And today it’s not just going to be about shoes but about bringing smiles to the less privileged too.
Well, the big news is that we now have a Toms Store in the Sheikhland.
Yes … you heard it right. The famous shoe brand Toms has opened a store in the Dubai Mall.
Toms’ business model has been referred to as the “one for one concept” business model, referring to the company’s promise to deliver a pair of free, new shoes to a child in need for every sale of their retail product. The countries to which the free products are sent have included Argentina, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Rwanda, South Africa, and the United States.
Now isn’t that so cool!
Toms are known to be super-comfy but I figured out another reason to love them for and that’s their cute canvas prints.
Toms also do eyewear.
So, I am sure you can’t wait to check this store out and so here is a sneak peek from the launch just for you.

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Cheers to 2016!

Hello lovely people of the Blogland! Happy New Year to each one of you! *smiles*
I know I am 10 days late but hey am so happy and excited to be back here in this space.
The last couple of months of 2015 was a lot of travel for me and so I could not blog as much but I am so looking forward to blogging in 2016 as I have some interesting plans around that.
Well, talking about 2015,it just flew by. Isn’t it? For me, personally 2015 was all about learning, experiencing and celebrating motherhood. As Neil came into my life, the¬†blog took a bit of a backseat last year. With both my hands full with a zillion things to do, I was busy creating memories, living some priceless moments and feeling blessed every single second. It’s amazing how those innocent eyes and tiny hands are big enough to change your entire perspective on life.

Image : From personal album

And what is even more amazing is how fast they grow up. Neil  has turned 1 now. Oh yay! I am mother to a one year old. I still find it difficult to believe how quickly this entire phase has flown by but things have become easier to manage, and  here I am back to doing my favourite thing Рblogging and trust me as I type this, I am grinning ear to ear. I truly missed it.
But some exciting things are coming up on the blog this year so please stay connected. I would need much more of your support this year. Keep inspiring me the way you have always been. May 2016 be the best year ever for each one of us! Much love to all of you!

Hello again!

Hello peeps!
How is it going? Well Dubai is one happening place at the minute and I am going all cray cray¬†attending a lot of events and not complaining at all when I get to do what I love. More so I have been enjoying it so much more as since last week, my maternity break is officially over and I am back to being a full-fledged blogger and can’t tell you how much¬†I missed it.¬†
Though I tried hard to keep up with writing projects and the blog amidst the whole phase of settling down with the baby but it is easier said than done. Especially for people like me who live far from family, it is a big challenge to sail through the first year after the birth of your baby.
But hey, it is definitely a break that you and your baby deserve so no complaints.
Hello again!
So, all settled now, yours truly would be seeing you much more often in this space and is so very excited about all the posts coming up. Thanks a lot to all you fabulous people for all the support and encouragement you have given me until now and I would be needing more of it from this point on.
Now, an update on what you can expect to see on the blog – all this while, though I was not able to blog as often as I used to, but there was a lot of creative thinking going on in my mind about it. I realised how much I love and enjoy writing about beauty, fashion and food. So expect to see a lot on these categories in the coming days. Also, we are gonna talk about a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind – yes, I do have a heart-to-heart for you as to what ‘seriously’ got me into that.
So, are we ready? (*smiles*)
Any suggestions, ideas or request on what you would like to see in this space, do write to me in the comments below or shout out on any of my social media. I am on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat at @ChandniLahoti and find me on Facebook here –
Love & Peace!