Back to my happy place

Hello lovely people!

Feels so  good to be typing in a proper blog post and how I missed this feeling!

With Instagram ruling the social media and taking over the concept of ‘blogging’, I used to feel absolutely demotivated to post anything in this space and to be honest, I would feel very unhappy about it.

But here I am … back in this space … for the love of writing … for the love of ‘real blogging’.

Expect a lot of beauty and make up reviews in here.

For now, I am back to a hot cuppa and some reading!

But I shall see you soon …. here …. at my happy place!

Here is to ‘blogging’ in the true sense of the word!





Hello lovely people of the Sheikhland and around the world! ūüôā

Howdy dowdy? I know it’s been long since we met here in this space.

I will share the reasons in another post which I warn you is gonna be a long one.

Let’s keep this a short and a sweet one as I just wanna say that I am reeeeeally happy to be back with my blogs here.

Although Instagram kept me more busy than you can imagine while I was away. If you ask why, go and have a look at my feed here –

Like it? Not like it? I would love to hear what you think of my new improved white themed Instagram feed.

See you at my next post!



Hello again!

Hello peeps!
How is it going? Well Dubai is one happening place at the minute and I am going all cray cray¬†attending a lot of events and not complaining at all when I get to do what I love. More so I have been enjoying it so much more as since last week, my maternity break is officially over and I am back to being a full-fledged blogger and can’t tell you how much¬†I missed it.¬†
Though I tried hard to keep up with writing projects and the blog amidst the whole phase of settling down with the baby but it is easier said than done. Especially for people like me who live far from family, it is a big challenge to sail through the first year after the birth of your baby.
But hey, it is definitely a break that you and your baby deserve so no complaints.
Hello again!
So, all settled now, yours truly would be seeing you much more often in this space and is so very excited about all the posts coming up. Thanks a lot to all you fabulous people for all the support and encouragement you have given me until now and I would be needing more of it from this point on.
Now, an update on what you can expect to see on the blog – all this while, though I was not able to blog as often as I used to, but there was a lot of creative thinking going on in my mind about it. I realised how much I love and enjoy writing about beauty, fashion and food. So expect to see a lot on these categories in the coming days. Also, we are gonna talk about a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind – yes, I do have a heart-to-heart for you as to what ‘seriously’ got me into that.
So, are we ready? (*smiles*)
Any suggestions, ideas or request on what you would like to see in this space, do write to me in the comments below or shout out on any of my social media. I am on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat at @ChandniLahoti and find me on Facebook here –
Love & Peace!

Welcome Baby L :)

Hi Sheikhlanders! It has been a little over a year since I connected with you all with my blog. My likes, my dislikes, my smiles, my tears, my achievements, my aspirations, my failures – I have shared it all with you. And now what started as an adventure with Dubai has become a love affair with the Sheikhland – this new city which feels like home now because of the love you have given me.
And so it gives me immense pleasure to share with you all that we are blessed with a baby boy on 20th October’14 and that just explains my absence from this space in the past 20 days.
I am so excited to share with you all the Aww moments ,the tales of the sleepless nights, the excitement at the little yawns and the sneezes,the not so exciting nappy changes, the happiness that comes with being a mother and the challenges that come with it.
There is a plenty we need to catch up on. But first of all, it will be lovely if you bless my little Baby for a beautiful life and oodles of love.
It is beautiful to be a mother and it is amazing to write about it. Stay connected lovely people as Mommy@Sheikhland is all set to make a debut on the blog now .


Chandni xoxo

Baby L