{Chandni Reviews} Vitamin E Moisture Cream by The Body Shop

Hello lovelies!

It’s one of those unusual grey gloomy days in the Sheikhland. But in the city where in a few months , we are going to have a bit too much of sun, days like these are celebrated, enjoyed and thanked for!

And so, yours truly is making the most of this day sitting all cozy with a duvet, a hot cuppa green tea, Adele playing in the background, a to-do-list procrastinated royally for tomorrow and the laptop, getting all geared up to churn out some long pending blog posts to share with you all.

Talking about what kind of blog posts you can expect from me in 2016, well we are gonna talk about a lot of things beauty, fashion and food this year.

So, let’s begin, shall we?

Today I am reviewing the Vitamin E Moisture Cream by Body Shop. Now, here comes winters and my skin goes really dry. But to my rescue came this Vitamin E Cream by Body Shop that was hiding in my bathroom cabinet for months and that I had completely forgotten about. I am sure, all beauty bloggers can relate to me here because as a beauty blogger, I end up buying a lot of products and then forgetting about a lot of them but in 2016, we are gonna deal with this. (ah … the every year kinda resolutions)

Vit E Cream

Anyways, so I gave this cream a try. It has a strong but pleasant smell which eventually fades away. 50 ml of the product comes in a cute Pink jar. I had got it for AED 65. It is for all skin types.

The cream is pretty light and gets absorbed easily in the skin. Doesn’t feel greasy at all. It does what it says on the jar – yes it’s a great moisturiser for dry skin and I use it daily after cleaning and toning my face and before putting my makeup on. You just need a little of this product to do the job and so expect the jar to last you for good 1.5 – 2 months even if you are using it daily as your day moisturiser.

So, when I first used it, I did not feel a major difference in my skin until 3 days of using it, after which I felt that my skin has become softer and looks supple.

Vit E Cream

What I like the best about this cream is that, it doesn’t make your face greasy and so its great to apply before makeup which then glides on smoothly on the moisturised face.

What I don’t like about this product is its packaging. I prefer creams in a tube rather than a jar, where you have to put your hands in. Also the texture of the product is such that the jar tends to become a little messy and the protector lid inside is not able to do a good job at keeping the product off the cap of the jar.

But do I like this product? Yes!

Will I repurchase it? Yes!

Will I recommend it to a friend? Yes!

So, with that I would wrap up this post here and go out and enjoy the drizzles that have just blessed the Sheikhland! After all, it doesn’t rain everyday in Dubai.

Hope you are making every bit of sun or no sun in your corner of the world!

Until I see you next,


A beach-day on my mind!

beach on my mind

A beach-day with a good book, eyes squinting at the sun and waves playing with my feet – this I guess is the best therapy in the world and my plan next week, when I need to be … want to be just with me and my dreams playing with the sound of the wind and no thoughts of any to-do-lists on my mind! I am already grinning! *wide grin*

Dubai – Nirvana for the sea-lover in me!

I am soon going to be 5 months old in Dubai – how time flies! But what I like the most about this place is that it offers to me an easy access to the sea, the beach and all the fun which comes with it.

While in London, a beach holiday would be a lot of planning of holidays, weather checks (which would ditch a lot of times), rain apprehensions (at the back of mind 24×7 of a Londoner) etc etc. But now, the sea-lover in me finds it’s way to the beach in a few minutes, celebrating my nearness to the sea with a yeehaw everytime I get to play with the waves, feel the sand in my toes and the sun blinding my eyes.

Stress, tensions, worries … all fade away as the waves touch me making me believe a little more in my dreams, helping me to try harder and inspiring me to explore a bit more of the beautiful world of words, which somehow I always fall short of when Ii wish to express how besotted I feel by Nature’s marvel, everytime I am in the middle of waves splashing at me from eternity and going back into an unknown world, hiding beautiful mysterious secrets beneath.

Thank you Dubai for the sea, the summer making it so easy for me now to remember to stop and enjoy the zen of the moment, to live it completely, to appreciate– amidst all the turmoil– simply being here now.

The board

puppy at the beach

the waves

The surprising Dubai weather and me

Exactly 2 months today for me here in Dubai and I am still to experience the unbearable, scorching, humid heat of Dubai, the horror stories of which I have been hearing right from the day I decided to move here. They say it rains only 3 times a year in Dubai. Well, in the last 2 months, it rained around 6 times. They say that April onwards, it is so hot and humid outside that going out is just left to imagination. Well again, it’s 7th of May today and the weather is all pleasant with the sun out just at the right temperatures and lovely breeze blowing to keep away the humidity.

I also happened to speak to a lot of friends who have been here for some years and the beautiful weather unusual for this time around has taken everyone by surprise … a pleasant one for sure.

Coming from the snowing London, the great weather here made my ‘transition’ phase smoother keeping the heat under tolerable limits. I love taking walks with the warm sun on my shoulders or jog on the beach in the fragrant early sunlit hours or just sit in my balcony soaking in the beauty of the cerulean waters in front, hoping only that the weather would continue to make me surprised and smirking. (: