The Red Lipstick and I

For the longest time, I avoided buying myself a Red lipstick. Honestly, I had no confidence to put on a Red lipstick. I had no courage to make a statement. No guesses, what my little vanity had was only neutral, plain, simple shades of lipsticks. Somewhere I felt comfortable behind that no-makeup, neutral face – comfortable because I was not saying – Hey! I am here. Look at me! … safe because I was not taking risk by putting a nobody face on.
But it was not a happy face either as I was hiding the real me inside, scared of how my face is gonna look if I chose that red lipstick which to be honest I always wanted to wear but was  afraid of looking ugly, felt I did not have a perfect face nor a perfect pout. Afraid of speaking my mind, I would not share my thoughts.
And when I thought deeply over it, I realised it was not just the choice of lipsticks, I was scared about taking any bold decisions in my life, be it the kind of baggy clothes I would wear or the boring finance job that I hated to the core.  I would not voice my opinions. I was not courageous enough to take a decision to change all of that. I was not feeling great enough about myself. I was not living enough.
And this realisation was just the start of every single thing that followed thereafter … great things because I let go of the feeling of ‘playing safe’ in my life. I may not have a ten on ten face or a sexy pout but I am perfect just the way I am and I deserve to make my choices, without being scared of what the world would think. I deserve to make choices that make ME happy – right or wrong, bold or not so bold as long as I make them with confidence. I deserve to voice my opinions – right or wrong … they are mine.
I gave up the finance job. I changed my wardrobe. I started writing a blog. I bought a Red lipstick.
Featured Lipstick – Rouge Pur Couture by YSL No. 01
ysl 1

{BEAUTY} Garnier Micellar Water – A Review

Sheikhland is one happening city, where one event follows another. What I enjoy the most about the events is getting ready for them and to try new make up looks but what I hate the most is the part where at the end of the tiring day, you have to put in so much effort to get rid of all the make up.
And so I was delighted to discover a hidden drugstore gem which saves me good 20 minutes of removing make up in the night by making it a super-easy task and which is becoming very popular in the beauty community.
Garnier Micellar Cleansing water it is ladies!
But before I go any further on my review of this product, let us see what micellar water actually means.
Micellar water is made up of micelles (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules) suspended in soft water. And if you want to read in depth about how it works, check out this on –
It is easily comparable to the famous Bioderma makeup remover but at a drugstore price.
I used to be very loyal to the Bioderma makeup remover and this was after trying quite a few other makeup removing products in the market. So, I was pretty surprised … well pleasantly surprised to see such an amazing dupe for it in the drugstore.
You get 400 ml of product, costs AED 36 and it lasts for 200 uses on an average. The product is pretty gentle on the skin and you don’t have to scrub your face with it. But it doesn’t completely remove waterproof mascara that well. But other than that it pretty much breaks down your makeup. And icing on the cake is that no rinsing is required after using it.
You get a mini size too which is great for travel. What is great about it is that, it doesn’t leave my face feeling dry, but in fact makes my skin feel both clean and moisturised after I use it.
All in all, a product totally worth trying. Infact Garnier has recently come out with another version of the micellar water, which is their oil-infused micellar water and I am so looking forward to try that too.
So, until I see you in my next post, take good care of yourself and never ever sleep with make-up on.

{Beauty} Sally Hansen Launches a Limited Edition Nudes Collection

Sipping on a watermelon and mint cooler on this very hot summer afternoon in the Sheikhland, I say hello to all you lovely people from the blogosphere. Hope all is well. Summer is in full bloom in my corner of the world and it is torturous to go out for a walk for even 5 minutes. Talk about the dreadful Dubai heat but in this blog post, I am going to talk about some very cool nail paint shades from the Sally Hansen Nudes collection, which is a limited edition.



Call it a coincidence but it is nudes and pastels that I am loving for my nails this summer and so when I got sent these nail paints by Sally Hansen, I was absolutely excited to try out this range.



I simply love how elegant and chic a nude nail paint looks and the best part is that it matches with anything and everything that you wear.



That’s why Sally Hansen has dedicated a whole collection to these beauty favorites: The limited Nudes Collection consists of six soft nude shades that flatter any complexion and skin tone.



Rather the Snow White type? Then you should choose nude tones with delicate shades of pink.


“Sweet Talker” and “Pink Pong” emphasize the pink undertone of your skin without letting it appear pale.


“Almost Almond” and “Brown Nose” are the ideal companions for medium skin colors and provide the nails with a shiny “kissed by the sun” look.


“Camelflage” and “Branch Out” perfectly match darker skin tones. A light, creamy color and a dark chocolate create a warm and feminine effect – and result in a delightful decorative contrast.




The limited Sally Hansen Nudes Collection from the Complete Salon Manicure Series with itstrademark 7-in- 1-formula will be available in June 2016.


On Counter: June

Price: 39 AED

Point of Sales: Wojooh, Lifestyle, Carrefour

So hurry up ladies and grab your hands on this gorgeous limited edition before it goes off the counters and do stay tuned to check out my ‘nailfies’ wearing these on my Instagram here and on my Snapchat at @ChandniLahoti.

Until I see you next,






{Event} Toms Store Opens at The Dubai Mall

Hey all you shoe-lovers out there in the Sheikhland!
Yours truly has got some awesome news for you if you like me are always on the look out for cool yet comfy shoes.
And today it’s not just going to be about shoes but about bringing smiles to the less privileged too.
Well, the big news is that we now have a Toms Store in the Sheikhland.
Yes … you heard it right. The famous shoe brand Toms has opened a store in the Dubai Mall.
Toms’ business model has been referred to as the “one for one concept” business model, referring to the company’s promise to deliver a pair of free, new shoes to a child in need for every sale of their retail product. The countries to which the free products are sent have included Argentina, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Rwanda, South Africa, and the United States.
Now isn’t that so cool!
Toms are known to be super-comfy but I figured out another reason to love them for and that’s their cute canvas prints.
Toms also do eyewear.
So, I am sure you can’t wait to check this store out and so here is a sneak peek from the launch just for you.

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{Chandni Reviews} No 7 Restore & Renew Eye Cream by Boots

No one can understand the importance of an effective eye cream than a new mommy. For the year after Neil was born, I had a long really tough phase with the sleepless nights and even days a lot of times. Needless to mention that I was looking like a zombie with all the restlessness and hated those ‘extremely’ dark circles that would not even hide under layers of concealer.  
But to my rescue came a magical product and trust me I call it magical because it could only have been a magic to help me look like a human again than a zombie.
Well, the star of this blog post is No 7 Restore & Renew Eye Cream by Boots. This little 15 ml tube has been my saviour since the past 6 months now. I bought it in London for 16 pounds and is easily available here in Dubai too at any Boots store.
No 7 Eye cream 2
It is a lightweight and very effective eye cream, that I religiously used 2 times a day and it did a great job in lightening my dark circles. It gets absorbed easily and doesn’t make your eye area greasy. It doesn’t hurt or itch or tear your eyes up. It is super hydrating and a little goes a long way.
You literally need a drop of this cream and it is sufficient for both the eyes.
For me, this product is indispensable now. Reckon it in my ‘Holy Grail list’.
No 7 Eye cream 1
As I talk about this eye cream, I would also like to mention the ‘correct’ way of applying eye cream. The skin under the eyes is the most sensitive and very easily prone to wrinkles if not taken care of properly. So here are some points to help you to ensure you are putting the eye cream the right way to not harm your skin or eyes in any way.
1. Always use your ring finger to pat the product gently into your skin. This is because the ring finger has got the least amount of pressure amongst all your fingers.
2. Also apply the eye cream underneath your brow, gently massaging outwards and upwards towards the temples.
3. Avoid applying the cream directly on your crow’s feet as when it absorbs into the skin, it might travel into your eyes causing irritation and unwanted baggage.
Recently, Boots have come up with ‘Early defence range’ and am so looking forward to try the eye cream from that range too.
well, that’s it for now lovelies! I shall see you soon with a brand new post.
Until then,

{BEAUTY EVENT} Glambox x Givenchy@Fortnum & Mason Dubai

Hello lovelies!
All excited to share with you about the fabulous afternoon tea with Glambox and luxury beauty brand Givenchy that I had the pleasure to attend.
The venue was the lovely Fortnum and Mason in Downtown Dubai.
And when Glambox, Givenchy, Girls and a whole lot of Pinkness came together in that space along with some scrumptious high tea delights, it rather became a special afternoon.
I also got to try the Givenchy make-up and interact with the lovely team behind the brand.
The event also marked the launch of Givenchy’s new fragrance ‘Live Irresistable’, which is a mesmerising perfume with notes of pineapple, rose, pepper, amber and musk.
Until I see you next,
Stay Pink! Stay Pretty!

{EVENT} Worldwide Exclusive Launch of Oud Palao by Diptyque Paris

A couple of years ago if anyone had told me I would be amongst the first few to smell one of the most beautiful perfumes by none other than Diptyque Paris, I would have never believed it. But hey, here I am, very happy and excited to be talking about a gorgeous event that I had the pleasure of attending on 1st September, 2015 in the stunning Al Nafoorah at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray – the occasion was the exclusive worldwide launch of the new fragrance by Diptyque called ‘Oud Palao’



Amidst a pretty glam guest list, was unveiled Oud Palao in the very apt ambience of Al Nafoorah – Oriental yet contemporary – very much keeping in with the traits of Oud Palao.

The bottle is a beauty and is adding charm to my vanity at the minute. Talking about the fragrance, it is spicy yet fresh, earthy yet sensual blending its components to push the composition towards muted depth and resonance.


The great thing about it is that is unisex. The key to Oud Palao lies in its diversity and balance. For every oriental note, there is another, less clearly recognisable, that harmonises with it, tempers it or subverts it.The fragrance features bulgarian rose, agarwood (oud), labdanum, madagascar vanilla, rum, tobacco, patchouli, camphor and sandalwood.

I am falling in love with this gorgeous perfume and if you wanna enjoy the awesomeness, this 75 ml Eau de parfum will be available in October 2015. I bet you can’t wait.

Until I see you next,


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