{FOOD} Spice & Ice – A Review

When it comes to food, the Sheikhland ensures you have a zillion options to explore. But what is amazing is that there are some hidden gems in the city, which are always a delight to discover.
Spice and Ice in JLT is one such restaurant that I happened to explore recently and was impressed with their creative take on the Indian food with regards to some dishes that I tried.
The ambience is not amazingly lavish but pleasant. I tried their mocktail called – ‘Sundown’ with passion fruit and quite liked it. Was refreshing but not overloaded with sugar.
The dishes I tried were:
* Cocktail paneer (AED 36) – Loved the presentation of this dish in a martini glass. I had never had the combination of paneer, curry leaves and raddish. Tasted delicious!
* Parmesan Broccolli (AED 40) – I wish this dish tasted as good as it looked. It was too cheesy for my liking.
*Bhatti Paneer (AED 62) – This dish was pretty yum and rich with cashew nut gravy.
* Crispy Vegetable Envelope (AED 62) – This was just their star dish according to me. It looks amazing with so many different colours on your plate. It is pickled veggies wrapped in filo pastry served with couscous and mango moilee. It just tasted ahhhmazing. I have never had something like that before and so full marks for creativity here.
* Dal Makhani (AED 30) – Loved the dal – was light, not too oily or creamy and very yummy.
I was vegetarian for the day but the chicken kebabs looked pretty tempting.
So, the good thing about this place is that whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, there are loads of options for either.
Now for the desserts, I absolutely loved the Mango shrikhand (AED 48). The Gulkand Kulfi was quite nice with the rose after taste.
So, all in all, Spice and ice is totally worth a try They are running a lot of promotions too at the minute. You can also make use of Entertainer vouchers here.
<a href=”https://www.zomato.com/dubai/spice-ice-restaurant-and-lounge-jumeirah-lake-towers&#8221; title=”View Menu, Reviews, Photos & Information about Spice & Ice Restaurant and Lounge, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) and other Restaurants in Dubai” target=”_blank”>Spice & Ice Restaurant and Lounge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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{BEAUTY} Garnier Micellar Water – A Review

Sheikhland is one happening city, where one event follows another. What I enjoy the most about the events is getting ready for them and to try new make up looks but what I hate the most is the part where at the end of the tiring day, you have to put in so much effort to get rid of all the make up.
And so I was delighted to discover a hidden drugstore gem which saves me good 20 minutes of removing make up in the night by making it a super-easy task and which is becoming very popular in the beauty community.
Garnier Micellar Cleansing water it is ladies!
But before I go any further on my review of this product, let us see what micellar water actually means.
Micellar water is made up of micelles (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules) suspended in soft water. And if you want to read in depth about how it works, check out this on Huffingtonpost.com –
It is easily comparable to the famous Bioderma makeup remover but at a drugstore price.
I used to be very loyal to the Bioderma makeup remover and this was after trying quite a few other makeup removing products in the market. So, I was pretty surprised … well pleasantly surprised to see such an amazing dupe for it in the drugstore.
You get 400 ml of product, costs AED 36 and it lasts for 200 uses on an average. The product is pretty gentle on the skin and you don’t have to scrub your face with it. But it doesn’t completely remove waterproof mascara that well. But other than that it pretty much breaks down your makeup. And icing on the cake is that no rinsing is required after using it.
You get a mini size too which is great for travel. What is great about it is that, it doesn’t leave my face feeling dry, but in fact makes my skin feel both clean and moisturised after I use it.
All in all, a product totally worth trying. Infact Garnier has recently come out with another version of the micellar water, which is their oil-infused micellar water and I am so looking forward to try that too.
So, until I see you in my next post, take good care of yourself and never ever sleep with make-up on.

{Chandni Reviews} The new Italian menu @Cavalli Club

4 years back, when I came to Dubai as a tourist from London, me and hubby were pretty sure that during this trip we got to enjoy three things to the fullest – the sun, the food and the glittering nightlife this city is so famous for. And so, with a checklist of top 10 things we must tick off during our trip, we were most excited to check out the Cavalli Club which proudly reckoned itself as the hottest nightlife spot in the Sheikhland in all google searches. I remember feeling all stunned as soon as I stepped into the Club and its glamorous ambience with those giant chandeliers took me off my feet. Well, you cannot expect anything less than a place that has the name of someone like Roberto Cavalli associated with it. I absolutely fell in love with Cavalli Club and always recommended it to friends visiting Dubai.



4 years down, here I am, living in Dubai and once again absolutely love-struck with Cavalli Club. The only difference was that this time over, I had the pleasure of being invited to try out their new sumptuous Italian menu, handpicked by  Roberto Cavalli himself.



And it was a delight to enjoy the lavish dinner whilst learning all about the dishes from none other than the Head Chef of Cavalli Club, Chef Francesco Stara, who describes his delicious creations as traditional, fresh, natural, seasonal, passionate and humble.



The very talented Bar-tender of the club made the most amazing cocktails for me and hubby and shared the history behind them too.

So, wanna know the details of the lavish dinner? Well, here it is but prepared as the description of the dishes in the words of Chef Francesco (CF) himself is surely gonna make your taste-buds go samba. (smiles)

As starter


Burrata , pomodori canditi e melograno e quinoa

Fresh Italian Burrata with tomato confit, quinoa and pomegranate

CF- This is a combination of healthy ingredient put together with the amazing textures of the creamy burrata cheese.




Melanzane alla Parmigiana

Crispy Eggplant parmigiana and pinzimonio salad

CF –This is a really traditional recipe just seen in a different way and combine with a more crunchy texture from the fillo pastry


Capesante,topinambur e cicorie

Scallop saltimbocca, topinambur cream,and chicory puntarelle salad

CF – The scallop is super fresh and very sweet in flavor, we wrap it with goose speck to give it smoky flavor and we serve with topinambur cream and some chicory to balance the acidity and bitterness in the dish


As middle course


Fregola ai funghi di bosco e tartufo nero

Fregola with wild mushroom and black winter truffle V

CF –The fregola is a pasta originally were I am from (SARDINIA) and usually is made with seafood but  this time we have an amazing seasonal mushroom that with the help of the winter black truffle  gives a sensation to be in the mountain forest with all the perfume and flavor.


Culurgiones al  formaggio di capra e melanzane alla Sassarese

CF – Handmade Culurgiones with goat ricotta , Sassarese eggplant cream  and Canonau wine reduction

This kind of ravioli is as well originally from my beautiful land and is very hard to make because of the shape. It’s 100 % handmade and filled with goat ricotta coming from the hearth Sardinia. We propose the dish with eggplant cream (sassarese style with garlic parsley and chili ) like in my original city is SASSARI and finish with some fresh cherry tomato and Canonau wine reduction also from Sardinia.

As main course


Salmone, consistenze di rape rosse e radicchio

Pan fried wild salmon, variation of bloody beetroot, and radicchio

CF – The salmon is a really simple dish in terms of ingredients but we try to make it more interesting by deconstructing the beetroot and serving in different consistence (cream, sous vide, raw,powder, gelly, and bubble) we finish with some radicchio tardive and shisso cress to stay on the same tone of colour.




Pollo cotto a bassa temperatura, carote, funghi e salsa di pane

Slow cook chicken supreme, baby carrot, wild mix mushroom and bread sauce

CF – The chicken breast is cooked sous vide to preserve the softness and the nutrient characteristic. We serve it with some purple carrot puree and some seasonal heirloom baby carrot. It’s finish with some pioppini mushroom and chanterelle with touch of bread sauce



As dessert


Semifreddo alla liquerizia e tartufo

Liquorice and truffle parfait

CF – This is frozen mousse with truffle and liquorice taste serve with chocolate crumble and a reproduction of stone made with white chocolate.

Sorpresa di cioccolato

Chocolate surprise

CF – The chocolate texture is a mix of 6 different consistencies and flavour of chocoolate that combine together to give this sensation of surprise in the mouth.


Delizzia al limone di sorrento

Sorrento Lemon delight

CF – The lemon is definatly our signature dessert because of the beauty and the goodness of the lemon that we reproduce in different variance with more  aggressive acidity and more fruity appeal .

Now, coming to my verdict –

The ambience of the place – This place has a stunning ambience and it reminds me of Vegas clubs.



The feel of the place – Cavalli Club is one of those rare places where you can enjoy a fine dining experience along with some serious clubbing in a lavish setting. You would so want to book this place for your special occasions.




The food – Undoubtedly one of the best food experiences I h.ave had in my life until now, hands down.




The service – The staff of Cavalli Club is courteous, friendly and prompt.



So peeps, Cavalli Club gave me yet another beautiful memory and it certainly is one of my most favourite places not only in Dubai but in the world. The new menu is amazing and totally worth it. Do give this place a try and trust me to fall in love with it, just like me. And if you do visit it after reading my review, I would absolutely love to hear it from you here or on my Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat at @ChandniLahoti.

Until I see you with another post,



{Chandni Reviews} No 7 Restore & Renew Eye Cream by Boots

No one can understand the importance of an effective eye cream than a new mommy. For the year after Neil was born, I had a long really tough phase with the sleepless nights and even days a lot of times. Needless to mention that I was looking like a zombie with all the restlessness and hated those ‘extremely’ dark circles that would not even hide under layers of concealer.  
But to my rescue came a magical product and trust me I call it magical because it could only have been a magic to help me look like a human again than a zombie.
Well, the star of this blog post is No 7 Restore & Renew Eye Cream by Boots. This little 15 ml tube has been my saviour since the past 6 months now. I bought it in London for 16 pounds and is easily available here in Dubai too at any Boots store.
No 7 Eye cream 2
It is a lightweight and very effective eye cream, that I religiously used 2 times a day and it did a great job in lightening my dark circles. It gets absorbed easily and doesn’t make your eye area greasy. It doesn’t hurt or itch or tear your eyes up. It is super hydrating and a little goes a long way.
You literally need a drop of this cream and it is sufficient for both the eyes.
For me, this product is indispensable now. Reckon it in my ‘Holy Grail list’.
No 7 Eye cream 1
As I talk about this eye cream, I would also like to mention the ‘correct’ way of applying eye cream. The skin under the eyes is the most sensitive and very easily prone to wrinkles if not taken care of properly. So here are some points to help you to ensure you are putting the eye cream the right way to not harm your skin or eyes in any way.
1. Always use your ring finger to pat the product gently into your skin. This is because the ring finger has got the least amount of pressure amongst all your fingers.
2. Also apply the eye cream underneath your brow, gently massaging outwards and upwards towards the temples.
3. Avoid applying the cream directly on your crow’s feet as when it absorbs into the skin, it might travel into your eyes causing irritation and unwanted baggage.
Recently, Boots have come up with ‘Early defence range’ and am so looking forward to try the eye cream from that range too.
well, that’s it for now lovelies! I shall see you soon with a brand new post.
Until then,

{Chandni Reviews} Revlon Nail Enamels

Hello lovely people of the internet!

Refreshed, rejuvenated and full of positive energy – Yes I am and that’s because I am just back from a fabulous holiday around the East coast of France road-tripping around Lyon, Annecy and some of the most beautiful villages in France. And I can’t wait to share some pictures and stories from the trip with you guys.

But for now what is helping me get over my holiday Blues are two pretty colours from the Nail Enamels by my favourite drugstore brand Revlon. The folks at Revlon Middle East were very sweet to send these two oh-so-pretty shades for me to try and boy, I am smitten!

Revlon nail paint 2

The nail enamel range is easy to apply and the colour goes on pretty smoothly on to the nails. It is made with chip-defiant formula. The best thing about it is the size and shape of the brush side of the bottle, which makes the task of self-painting the nails reeeeally easy and less clumsy.

Revlon nail paint 1

Talking about the colours now. The range comes in 72 different shades. The ones that I got are ‘Serene’ and ‘Ravishing’.

Shade number 320 ‘Serene’ is a lovely light Brown coffee nude. It is soft, subtle and looks really classy. With an extra coat or two, the colour builds up and the darker version too looks fabulous.

Revlon nail paint 3

The other shade is number 675 ‘Ravishing’. Pretty much living upto its name, this colour is just the perfect melange of Coral-Orange-Red. It’s a statement colour and it quite boldly and beautifully stands out. Date night, party night or just when you wish to look like a diva, go ‘Ravishing’ baby.

revlon nail paint 4

I am pretty impressed with the Revlon nail enamel range. As a true Revlon fan, I would say ‘Love is on’ and I am definitely going to buy more colours. My eyes are on ‘Fashionista’ now by the way. Go to this link and check out this sexy shade –


I hope you found this review useful. I have also talked about these on my Snapchat today. Add me there @ChandniLahoti for video reviews, OOTDs, MOTDs and a lots more. Snapchat is real fun and I am loving it.

I am around on Instagram too. Come say hello at @ChandniLahoti.

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{Chandni Reviews} Dad’s Lemon Garden Tree & Dear John By Lush

Hi lovely people of the internet!

Sheikhland is braving the heat it is known for. Another couple of months to go before temperatures begin to behave but no complaints until and unless I get to sit in my air-conditioned room and try/test some ‘luscious’ products for y’all.

Lush it is people … the brand we all love …. the brand so totally lovable. Fresh, handmade and with such ahhhmazing fragrances – the Lush products got a big fan in me.

And today I am gonna be talking about two latest fragrances launched by Lush and what these make really unique is that these are inspired by family memories of Mark Constantine, the founder of the brand.

Dad’s Garden Lemon Tree –

With this unisex fragrance, Mark pays a tribute to the memories of his father’s verdant South African Garden, full of light and bright colours. And people, you got to love the packaging of this product – so vintage, so living upto the fact that it is something inspired by memories.

Talking about how it smells, Lemon Tree is a rather simple and fresh aroma made from a combination of lemon, lime, bergamot and lavender oil.

It has a bright and sweet citrus scent, which made me feel all refreshed. It is uplifting too and if you apply it after a long tiring day, you would feel both fresh and clean.

But it has a pretty short lifespan. Just lasted on me for an hour before I felt the need of reapplying it.

People who love refreshing citrusy not too complex scents would like this one but it is not meant for those who love complex, long lasting fragrances that are more dimensional in nature.

Dear John –

Guys and gals, Lush has totally won when coming to this new cologne body spray, very dramatically called ‘Dear John’, which again is a tribute to Mark’s father.

He wanted his remembrance of his father to smell of coffee, and went on to add notes of coriander, lime and tobacco. When you smell some on your skin, all that fills your head is a memory of the familiar.

What I reeeeeeally loved about this unisex fragrance is the unique blend of the fruity, coffee, earthy notes that generate an absolutely pleasing aroma.

When sprayed on the skin, the layers beautifully disintegrate allowing a whole experience of the all the different layers and the elements of the pine, vetivert, coffee, tobacco, cedar and clove.

If I had to describe the fragrance in one word, I would say ‘sensual’.

It has a great lasting span and goes on for good 4 hours.

I totally LOVE this one.

What are your favourite Lush products?

Did you find my review useful?

I would love to hear from you. And if there is any specific Lush product you would want me to review, do let me know in the comments.

Disclaimer – I was sent the above samples by the PR. However, my opinion on the products is honest as always and based on my experience with the products.

Until I see you next,


{COLLABORATION} The Supercute New Dumbo Collection by Mamas & Papas

Greetings beautiful people!

This post is going to be a mommy special one. Oh yeah! This new mommy@Sheikhland is loving every bit of being one. My little bubba turned 8 months old recently. The little cuddles and hugs seem to make every day a lot more brighter, the adorable coos have filled in my little nest with so much joy that words can’t explain and this mommy here definitely feels like the happiest girl on the planet after this munchkin has come into her life. BIG SMILE

And I am sure all you mommies to little ones would agree, how great a joy is to shop for the babies and a greater joy to fill in your phone memory with endless pictures/videos of them with the cute outfits on to make the most precious memories when these little ones are not little anymore.

And to add to my excitement for baby-shopping, one of favourite brands Mamas & Papas have come out with a NEW DUMBO COLLECTION – a collection of clothes for babies and toddlers featuring Dumbo – the adorably big-eared elephant who can fly. The exclusive range for 0–1 year-olds includes rompers, all-in-ones, bibs, jersey sets and a hat & mittens set for boys and girls. The softness of the sketches, created for the collection, perfectly capture the magic that has led to Dumbo becoming loved across the world.

The Mamas & Papas Team was very sweet to send a personalized Dumbo outfit for my little boy Neil. I love the softness of the fabric used and how comfortable the outfit is designed to be. Above all, Neil looked really happy flaunting his Dumbo dress with his name on and here my little Bubba makes his debut on my blog 🙂

My little rockstar Neil :)

Needless to say that both Mommy and Daddy were all elated too to and could not stop clicking him and adding up to some wonderful memories.

Check out more of Neil in this cute outfit on my Instagram. smiles

Also, usually baby’s clothes usually fade in colour after machine -wash or become hard. But Mamas & Papas clothes have always passed this test for me. They retain their colour and softness even after wash for several times. Mamas & Papas have always maintained a great level of quality, design and a good value of what you pay.

“Disney is at the heart of childhood – exciting adventures and lovable characters – so we jumped at the chance to bring a little of that Disney magic to Mamas & Papas”. Richard Harris, Mamas & Papas Fashion Director. The collection got available from early May, 2015 and is gonna be there for just 12 weeks, so don’t miss out – especially since it is likely to fly off the shelves!

I absolutely recommend this collection to all mommies out there – very cute, very comfy and easy maintenance.

So, hurry up as this exclusive collection is going to be around only for 12 months.

If you go ahead and buy one of Dumbo outfits, I would love to hear from you as to how you like it.

Hugs to your little ones!