{Chandni Reviews} Arcancil Paris Mat Hysteria liquid lipsticks with swatches

Hello beautiful people!
Yours truly is enjoying a lovely wintery Sheikhland at the minute. We have been blessed with rains too a few times in the past couple of weeks. Soon before we hibernate inside air-conditioned spaces, we are making the most of the sweet sun, the chilly breeze and the occasional drizzles.
Oh well … but this post is definitely about something more exciting than the weather in the Dubai. If you follow me on my Instagram, you definitely know what a big lipstick-junkie I am and I couldn’t have been happier on discovering an absolutely awesome range of matte liquid lipsticks by French brand Arcancil Paris.
The range called ‘Mat Hysteria’ comes in 6 ml in a cute frosted transparent bottle kinda packaging with a black cap through which you can see the colour of the product which pretty much matches to how it looks when applied. It’s an ideal size to put in the hand bag or travel with.
Arcancil 1
The liquid lip colour has a lightweight, soft and fluid texture making it very smooth and easy to apply. Also the beveled floked applicator makes the application all the more easier, quick and precise.
But what I really absolutely loved about these lipsticks is the formula with which they are made combining intense pigments and avocado oil and so unlike other liquid lipsticks it doesn’t dry your lips out but is moisturising.
The colour pay off is amazing and the range comes in 14 gorgeous shades. I tried 5 shades. Check out the swatches below.
The shades range from Classical Reds to shiny coral to subtle nudes to trendy plums to deep browns.
My favourite shades have to be Beige Funk and Brun Twist. I created some make up looks using these shades and got a lot of ‘Insta-love’. (Follow me on Instagram here –  https://www.instagram.com/chandnilahoti)
The product gives a super matt finish and promises to last for 12 hours. On my lips, it lasted for 6 hours before I felt the need to reapply it but I had my meals during those 6 hours and the product still kept intact for a good span of time without transfer.
All in all, I am so impressed with the quality of these lipsticks and I am definitely going to buy all the shades. To be honest, I had not expected the quality to be so great but after having tested them,  I can totally compare them to the Sephora lip stains which are so popular.
You can buy these from ‘Faces’ in Dubai mall or ‘Beauty bay’ in Mirdiff city center. They are retailing at AED 66 each.
Until I see you next,
Stay beautiful!
Disclaimer – The samples were sent to me by the PR but my opinion on the product as always is unbiased.

{Chandni Reviews} Vitamin E Moisture Cream by The Body Shop

Hello lovelies!

It’s one of those unusual grey gloomy days in the Sheikhland. But in the city where in a few months , we are going to have a bit too much of sun, days like these are celebrated, enjoyed and thanked for!

And so, yours truly is making the most of this day sitting all cozy with a duvet, a hot cuppa green tea, Adele playing in the background, a to-do-list procrastinated royally for tomorrow and the laptop, getting all geared up to churn out some long pending blog posts to share with you all.

Talking about what kind of blog posts you can expect from me in 2016, well we are gonna talk about a lot of things beauty, fashion and food this year.

So, let’s begin, shall we?

Today I am reviewing the Vitamin E Moisture Cream by Body Shop. Now, here comes winters and my skin goes really dry. But to my rescue came this Vitamin E Cream by Body Shop that was hiding in my bathroom cabinet for months and that I had completely forgotten about. I am sure, all beauty bloggers can relate to me here because as a beauty blogger, I end up buying a lot of products and then forgetting about a lot of them but in 2016, we are gonna deal with this. (ah … the every year kinda resolutions)

Vit E Cream

Anyways, so I gave this cream a try. It has a strong but pleasant smell which eventually fades away. 50 ml of the product comes in a cute Pink jar. I had got it for AED 65. It is for all skin types.

The cream is pretty light and gets absorbed easily in the skin. Doesn’t feel greasy at all. It does what it says on the jar – yes it’s a great moisturiser for dry skin and I use it daily after cleaning and toning my face and before putting my makeup on. You just need a little of this product to do the job and so expect the jar to last you for good 1.5 – 2 months even if you are using it daily as your day moisturiser.

So, when I first used it, I did not feel a major difference in my skin until 3 days of using it, after which I felt that my skin has become softer and looks supple.

Vit E Cream

What I like the best about this cream is that, it doesn’t make your face greasy and so its great to apply before makeup which then glides on smoothly on the moisturised face.

What I don’t like about this product is its packaging. I prefer creams in a tube rather than a jar, where you have to put your hands in. Also the texture of the product is such that the jar tends to become a little messy and the protector lid inside is not able to do a good job at keeping the product off the cap of the jar.

But do I like this product? Yes!

Will I repurchase it? Yes!

Will I recommend it to a friend? Yes!

So, with that I would wrap up this post here and go out and enjoy the drizzles that have just blessed the Sheikhland! After all, it doesn’t rain everyday in Dubai.

Hope you are making every bit of sun or no sun in your corner of the world!

Until I see you next,

{Chandni Reviews} Aveeno Active Naturals Hand Cream With Colloidal Oatmeal

When it comes to hand-creams, I have an OCD. Well, can easily thank the dry weather and hard water in Dubai, that leaves your hands so dry, which leads to early aging of the skin of the hand. And so, it is a very imperative part of my everyday routine to moisturise my hands after every wash.
 I have tried quite a few hand creams and the one that has joined my list of faves recently is the Hand Cream – Crema Mani by Aveeno Active Naturals.
But before I go on to talk about this cream, let me tell you a little about my relationship with Aveeno. Back in London days, I used to buy a lot Aveeno products. The great thing about Aveeno products is that they are made using unique formulas with active natural ingredients like oat, soy, seaweed, lotus, feverfew, wheat etc.I particularly love the moisturisers by Aveeno.
And so when I learnt that Aveeno has now come to Dubai, I was pretty excited.
Coming to the hand cream now, it is one effective formula made with colloidal oatmeal ff blended with rich emollients.
The packaging is in a tube which contains 75ml of the product. The size makes it perfect to carry in the hand bag. The cream is non-greasy and you do not need a lot of product to do the job for you.
It claims to moisturise for 24 hours. Though I do feel that it does keep hands moisturised for a pretty long duration of time, I don’t think it stretches upto 24 hours.
It also claims that it lasts through hand washing and I do agree with that. in my experience, you can have 2 hand-washes and not feel too dry if you have applied this cream.
It softens the skin of the hands too and if you rub it onto the cuticles with a gentle massage, it helps to keep them soft too.
The only thing I miss in it is a great fragrance. It smells pretty neutral. But keeping that aside, I think it is a great product for keeping your hands in good shape amidst a busy life where it is very easy to forget or neglect moisturising your hands. And being so long lasting that it is, Aveeno’s hand cream ensures your hands are taken care of without much toil.
Hope you fond this review helpful.
To know more about Aveeno products, hop on to  http://www.aveeno-me.com
Disclaimer : I was sent this product by the PR agency. However as always the opinions expressed are honest and based on my individual experience with the product.

{CHANDNI REVIEWS} Palmer’s Baby Wash & Baby Butter

When it comes to your baby, you want nothing but just the best. And when you are first time mommy like me, the choices available in the market today can get overwhelming, whether it is your baby’s skincare, haircare, which washing liquid to use for their clothes, what oil to Use for his massage and the list is never-ending.

When it came to my baby’s skincare, I first went for the Johnson’s baby bath and the lotion. But his skin felt pretty dry after bath and would not even get cleaned properly. The lotion was not impressive either and was not able to provide any hydration to the skin.

And so I moved on to try the baby care products by Palmer’s Middle East. And all you mommies out there, I bet you would be happy mommies like me after trying these. I simply love Palmer’s baby products and very happy with the results on my baby’s skin after using them.


Palmer’s Baby Wash is made with their signature cocoa butter formula with Vitamin E. It is a tear-free formula and has the goodness of cocoa butter and shea butter which is amazing for the sensitive skin for the baby. It helped a lot with my baby’s dry skin.

It can be used from head to toe and is very gentle on the skin with no harsh detergents.

It nicely cleans too. And the best thing about them is that they are paraben-free and sulphate-free.

After giving bath, I massage my baby gently with Palmer’s Baby Butter which helps to retain the natural moisture and has cocoa butter and Vitamin E. It is a non-greasy formula. It also helps with the diaper rashes.


I noticed a huge difference in my bay’s skin after switching over to the Palmer’s products and I highly recommend them, because when it comes to your precious baby, there should not be any compromises to quality.

The Palmer’s products are easily available in any supermarket across UAE.

So, should you give them a try, I would love to hear about it.

Until I see you next,

lots of love to you and your precious little ones! *smiles


{CHANDNI REVIEWS} Shiseido Veiled Rouge Lipstick from their SS’15 Collection

Hello beautiful ladies in the blogosphere!

If you are a lip-product junkie like me and if you too like me suffer from dry skin problems, I have a great news to share with you. Well, thanks to Dubai and being in a persistent air-conditioned environment, my skin has become really dry and my lips could not be spared from the effect too.

An do I was extremely excited to hear that one of my most favourite skincare and beauty brands Shiseido is coming up with the Veiled Rouge range of lipsticks – lipsticks that offer a long lasting soft and delicate shine, as if lips are wrapped in a delicate veil of color.

Here is my review of the range.

To begin with, I simply loved the packaging of the Veiled Rouge range – Black and sleek – it looks beautiful.

It glides on smoothly on the lips and is the perfect melange of a lip balm and a lipstick. It felt very hydrating on my lips just like a lip balm but the colour payoff and the finish was like that of a lipstick. It is pretty long lasting too.

With smoothing properties to make any vertical lines and unevenness less visible, the lipstick creates a gorgeous finish and adds a subtle luster to the face.

The range comes in 8 lovely shades absolutely apt to flaunt this summer.

The retail price is AED 129 and I bet the quality of this product makes it totally worth it.

I absolutely recommend this range!

Until I see you next,


Disclaimer : I was sent the product sample by the PR agency but the views are unbiased, honest and based on my experience with the product.

Images – Clicked by Chandni Lahoti. Please do not use without prior written permission.
Images are of Chandni Lahoti and subject to copyright

{CHANDNI REVIEWS} Figs & Rouge Vanilla Orange Multi tasking Lip Balm

I am a huge lip-products junkie, be it lipsticks, lip glosses or lip balms. Trust me, if I had not been expending so much on my lip products, I could probably have been able to save enough to buy myself a lovely diamond for the next birthday.

And so if you want to gift me anything, you just know what kind of a gift would bring that smile on my face. 🙂

And so, when I received the much hyped Figs & Rouge multi tasking lip balm in Vanilla Orange as gift, I was all excited about trying it.

But before even trying any product, what I look for in a make up product is its packaging – I am sure a lot of you can relate to this. Ahh … comes with being a girl I guess. The love for pretty looking things in a vintage tin packaging – how we so easily fall for them!

And so did I – fell for this very cute and vintage little tin containing in itself a ‘Replenishing & Enriching’, ‘Petroleum free’ multi tasking balm.

2 aedited

What it promises?

To protect your skin against dryness! Ultra smooth with natural ingredients which are both nourishing and soothing.

What I think about it?

My lips have a tendency to get chapped and the continuous exposure to the air conditioners in Dubai makes it even worse.

I have always been more into tinted lip balms but for both the before-sleep pampering and pre-make up routine, I was on the look out for a tint free lip balm. I have been using the Figs & Rouge lip balm for 10 days now and I can see a difference in how my lips feel.

As for the ingredients, it is petroleum free and a certified 100% organic brand. The fragrance of the Vanilla Orange scent is quite strong. Think of a Vanilla cookie with the Orange flavour. So if you do not like strong scents or fruity flavours, this one is not for you.

It has definitely helped me with the dryness and it keeps the lips moisturised for good 4 hours in my case, after which I feel the need to reapply it.

But mind you, my lips get dry very quickly and so it could be different in your case.

I have been applying it at least 20 minutes before applying a matt lipstick and it does help in getting that perfect finish after the lip stick application.

It’s a part of my night skin care routine too now and it is great to be waking upto soft hydrated lips in the mornings.

The USP of this product according to me is that can be used to moisturise hands, nails, cuticles, elbows and so makes it an apt product to carry when you travel or even as a purse-must-have.

However it sometimes is troublesome to open a tin to access the product and a stick is more of a handy and hygienic option.

This lip balm is available across the Boots store for AED 30 and is 17 ml to last for a good time.

For me, the product does deliver what it promises to do but I don’t like to use it on its own in the day time if I am going out as I love a little tint on my lips when going out.

This time I got I as a gift but whether I am going to buy it again?

Yes … but in some other flavour by Figs & Rouge as the Coco Vanilla and Pomegranate ones look pretty cute too.

I hope you found this review helpful.

If you go ahead and buy this product, do let me know your views about it.

Until I see you next,

keep smiling and take care of yourself!