{Chandni Reviews} No 7 Restore & Renew Eye Cream by Boots

No one can understand the importance of an effective eye cream than a new mommy. For the year after Neil was born, I had a long really tough phase with the sleepless nights and even days a lot of times. Needless to mention that I was looking like a zombie with all the restlessness and hated those ‘extremely’ dark circles that would not even hide under layers of concealer.  
But to my rescue came a magical product and trust me I call it magical because it could only have been a magic to help me look like a human again than a zombie.
Well, the star of this blog post is No 7 Restore & Renew Eye Cream by Boots. This little 15 ml tube has been my saviour since the past 6 months now. I bought it in London for 16 pounds and is easily available here in Dubai too at any Boots store.
No 7 Eye cream 2
It is a lightweight and very effective eye cream, that I religiously used 2 times a day and it did a great job in lightening my dark circles. It gets absorbed easily and doesn’t make your eye area greasy. It doesn’t hurt or itch or tear your eyes up. It is super hydrating and a little goes a long way.
You literally need a drop of this cream and it is sufficient for both the eyes.
For me, this product is indispensable now. Reckon it in my ‘Holy Grail list’.
No 7 Eye cream 1
As I talk about this eye cream, I would also like to mention the ‘correct’ way of applying eye cream. The skin under the eyes is the most sensitive and very easily prone to wrinkles if not taken care of properly. So here are some points to help you to ensure you are putting the eye cream the right way to not harm your skin or eyes in any way.
1. Always use your ring finger to pat the product gently into your skin. This is because the ring finger has got the least amount of pressure amongst all your fingers.
2. Also apply the eye cream underneath your brow, gently massaging outwards and upwards towards the temples.
3. Avoid applying the cream directly on your crow’s feet as when it absorbs into the skin, it might travel into your eyes causing irritation and unwanted baggage.
Recently, Boots have come up with ‘Early defence range’ and am so looking forward to try the eye cream from that range too.
well, that’s it for now lovelies! I shall see you soon with a brand new post.
Until then,