{RECIPE} Easy and Delicious Oreo Milkshake

When I am dieting, all I dream about is Oreo cookies. Well … I hope that explains my love for these yummilicious cookies that have found a die-hard fan not only in me but in my husband and even my almost 2 years old toddler.
And so in my home, weekends aka cheat days, are all about an indulgent Oreo milkshake that we all love and since sharing is caring, I thought of sharing the delightful recipe here on the blog today with all you wonderful people.
And all you mommies out there, the great thing about this recipe is that it is just gonna take 2 minutes out of your precious weekend morning and tada … your indulgent weekend treat will be all ready to set the weekend moods right. (smiles)
Coming to the recipe now –
4 tbsp powdered sugar
2 cups milk
1 tbsp cocoa powder
4 – 5 oreo cookies
1 tsp vanilla essence

– Add sugar, cocoa powder, oreo cookies, vanilla essence in a milk jug
– Blend everything well using a blender
– Pour the chilled mixture in a glass
– Crush some oreo cookies, garnish it on top and serve it chilled

– To make it more indulgent, you can add a scoop of vanilla icecream or Hershey’s chocolate syrup to it.
Easy peasy! Isn’t it?
So, I hope you liked tis recipe and if you want to see more of such easy recipe posts on the blog, let me know in the comment section below.
And most importantly, if you end up trying this recipe, I would so love to hear how you liked it.
Until I see you next, Keep creating! Keep smiling! 🙂

Featured in Good Housekeeping Middle East September’14

Happiness is to see your new found hobby getting recognition in one of your favourite magazines. 🙂


Yes …. my new found love for cooking that you are already aware of if you follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter has got some much needed motivation.

Somehow inspite of being trying or should I say successfully trying my hand with some of the recipes, I was just not confident enough to share them on the blogging platform.

Well … the presence of such amazing food bloggers around in the blogosphere is more than enough to make any newbie like me oh-so-nervous.

And so after my husband’s encouragement I just somehow gathered the courage to send in a recipe to Good Housekeeping Lunchbox Superhero Challenge for their September issue. It was a recipe of an ideal lunchbox (with minestrone soup, couscous salad and Zaatar bread) that I had dared to manipulate a bit with my humble understanding of spices and flavours in the name of creativity.

And I am pretty pleased to share with you all that it got featured in the September’2014 issue of the magazine …. quite a lot of motivation for an amateur cook like me.

And so I am daring to share with you all some more pictures of the recipes I have recently tried. If you like to know the recipes, please comment and let me know and I will be glad to share them all in this space.

Ummm … the idea of a ‘Recipes category’ on Chandni@Sheikhland! What say you? 🙂

Mango Pudding:

Mango Pudding

Chinese Hakka Noddles and Manchurian:

Chinese Hakka Noddles and Manchurian

Dal Dhokli and Bread Rolls:

Dal Dhokli and Bread Rolls

Look forward to hear from you!

Happy Sunday!!!

Video Cooking Demo of Gnocchi by Fatto in Casa

Though I love eating great food, but somehow cooking has not excited me much until recently I happened to come across some awesome food blogs around in the blogosphere. And living in Dubai, where people are truly passionate about food (well both about eating it and cooking it), I have started developing an interest in cooking. Well, much credit for that goes to some amazing food blogs that actually make cooking look like such a creative art.

And how about looking at someone doing some fancy Italian cooking right infront of you?

Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Well, it looks very interesting too and so easy peasy with the lovely Letizia from Fatto in Casa giving a cooking demo for making Gnocchi, exclusively for the readers of Chandni@sheikhland! Wala!!

Remember, I talked about meeting the lovely ladies (Alice and Letizia) from Fatto in Casa at Market OTB here. Just imagine two girls coming in to the Sheikhland from Italy owing to the jobs of the respective spouses. Apart from their Italian connection, they realised they also share passion for Italian cooking and bingo … there was born Fatto in Cassa and there began the journey of getting more people to learn and explore the secrets of Italian cooking via their classes.


For people like me, it is also about learning how to pronounce ‘bruschetta’ correctly. 🙂

Ahem ahem … well it is Brus-keta people not Bru-shheta!

Am I right Alice? 🙂

So without holding you for long, let me take you straight to the recipe of making Gnocchi which you can then cook with some tomato sauce, some cheese and feel like being in Italy – virtually but still smiling though … smiling bright and delicious!

Until we speak next,

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