{GIVEAWAY} Win A Hamper Full of Himalaya Herbals Face Care Products Worth AED 200

Hello lovelies!
How is your day coming along?
If not great yet, I bet with this post you would be all smiles as today I am giving you a chance to WIN FABULOUS SKIN CARE PRODUCTS WORTH AED 200 BY HIMALAYA HERBALS ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE.
So recently Himalaya Herbals organised a ‘Face Date with Himalaya’, where I had the opportunity of getting acquainted with many more of their lovely products.
If you follow me on my social media, you know how much I love their Neem face wash.
And so I am so excited to try their other products too which include scrubs, masks, day creams, night creams, eye creams to cater to all your facial skin needs.
Now, are you ready to win all of the goodies you see in the picture below?
Himalaya giveaway
I see you all nodding your pretty heads so here is how you can enter the contest-
Conditions of entry into the Contest
  1. The contest is applicable only to the people living in UAE.
  2. ANSWER the contest question as a comment to the Contest Post on my Facebook Page and SHARE THE CONTEST POST ON FACEBOOK.                                                                                                                                                                                              Question – What is the key ingredient in the Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Wash?
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The contest begins today and the last day of entry is 12th April 2016.

Good luck everyone!:)



{Chandni Reviews} Vitamin E Moisture Cream by The Body Shop

Hello lovelies!

It’s one of those unusual grey gloomy days in the Sheikhland. But in the city where in a few months , we are going to have a bit too much of sun, days like these are celebrated, enjoyed and thanked for!

And so, yours truly is making the most of this day sitting all cozy with a duvet, a hot cuppa green tea, Adele playing in the background, a to-do-list procrastinated royally for tomorrow and the laptop, getting all geared up to churn out some long pending blog posts to share with you all.

Talking about what kind of blog posts you can expect from me in 2016, well we are gonna talk about a lot of things beauty, fashion and food this year.

So, let’s begin, shall we?

Today I am reviewing the Vitamin E Moisture Cream by Body Shop. Now, here comes winters and my skin goes really dry. But to my rescue came this Vitamin E Cream by Body Shop that was hiding in my bathroom cabinet for months and that I had completely forgotten about. I am sure, all beauty bloggers can relate to me here because as a beauty blogger, I end up buying a lot of products and then forgetting about a lot of them but in 2016, we are gonna deal with this. (ah … the every year kinda resolutions)

Vit E Cream

Anyways, so I gave this cream a try. It has a strong but pleasant smell which eventually fades away. 50 ml of the product comes in a cute Pink jar. I had got it for AED 65. It is for all skin types.

The cream is pretty light and gets absorbed easily in the skin. Doesn’t feel greasy at all. It does what it says on the jar – yes it’s a great moisturiser for dry skin and I use it daily after cleaning and toning my face and before putting my makeup on. You just need a little of this product to do the job and so expect the jar to last you for good 1.5 – 2 months even if you are using it daily as your day moisturiser.

So, when I first used it, I did not feel a major difference in my skin until 3 days of using it, after which I felt that my skin has become softer and looks supple.

Vit E Cream

What I like the best about this cream is that, it doesn’t make your face greasy and so its great to apply before makeup which then glides on smoothly on the moisturised face.

What I don’t like about this product is its packaging. I prefer creams in a tube rather than a jar, where you have to put your hands in. Also the texture of the product is such that the jar tends to become a little messy and the protector lid inside is not able to do a good job at keeping the product off the cap of the jar.

But do I like this product? Yes!

Will I repurchase it? Yes!

Will I recommend it to a friend? Yes!

So, with that I would wrap up this post here and go out and enjoy the drizzles that have just blessed the Sheikhland! After all, it doesn’t rain everyday in Dubai.

Hope you are making every bit of sun or no sun in your corner of the world!

Until I see you next,

{Sheikhland Giveaway} – Pamper Yourself with Palmer’s

Hi Sheikhlanders! How is it going?

Well, it is absolutely crazily busy at my end.

When they say, once you become a mom, you are always a mom first and then anything else, they are so right.

But thankfully for me before it all started getting too overwhelming, I realised the importance of committing a few minutes from the day to myself, no matter what. Yes, life would always be busy if you are in a full time job or a new mom like me or have older children but before you start neglecting and then losing yourself in the run, it is so damn imperative to stop for a few minutes to just take care of your own self, to love yourself …. to pamper yourself.

Trust me just 10 minutes of attention to myself in the day made me feel so good about myself and as a result I was able to do a better job at being a mother, I started creating time for blogging which had taken a backseat when my son was born and above all, I felt happy.

And the products that made those 10 minutes of pampering myself absolutely worth it are the very popular Palmer’s beauty products.

I have been using Palmers’ products for about 6 years now. Their Olive butter skin lotion with Vitamin E is my absolute essential. I so recommend their stretch marks cream/lotion during pregnancy. Worked beautifully for me and I have no pregnancy stretch marks. I love the richness of Palmer’s products and the fact that the main ingredient is Cocoa Butter, which is amazing for skin goodness.

So, do you too wanna pamper yourself with Palmer’s?

If yes, get ready to participate in the ‘Pamper yourself with Palmer’s Giveaway’ right here in this space and win a lovely gift hamper filled with goodies courtesy Palmer’s Middle east.

Palmer's Giveaway

All you got to do to enter the giveaway is –

  1. Like the Facebook page of Palmer’s Middle East. The link is https://www.facebook.com/PalmersME

  2. Like my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ChandniAtTheSheikhLand

  3. Answer this simple question on the contest post on Facebook page –

Question – What is the main ingredient in Palmer’s products?

For hint, read my blog post above.

Contest is open only for UAE residents and ends ob 28 Feb 2015.

Participate and get your way to pamper yourself!!

So, good luck all!

Until I see you next,



{Chandni Reviews} – Montagne Jeunesse Face care products

Living in the Sheikhland has its pros and cons like any other city. Whilst I love the comfort, the cleanliness, the glamour of the city, there are downsides of being here in constant air-conditioning leading to skin problems, the hair traumas because of the salty hard water and trust me, it can get quite upsetting to have a bad skin day on the very day you need to go to a big fashion show or have those frizzy hair when you have that big party to go to.

Whilst I am still on the look out for some remedy for the hair, I think I have found the solution to repair, revive my skin problems and something that can make me enjoy a spa day at home only.

Ladies … it’s my pleasure to talk about Montagne Jeunesse face masks and scrubs today.

To begin my ‘home-facial’, I cleansed my face with my Neutrogena deep clean face wash. I, then, scrubbed my face with the Apricot scrub by MJ. The texture of the scrub is rich with crushed apricot kernels to remove the dead skin cells, natural clays like kaolin and bentonite to brighten up the skin, aloe vera to soften it, sweet mango for the fruity goodness and green tea leaf extract for nourishment. It smells all fruity. My skin felt all woken up, clean and fresh after the scrub.

Then I used the Natural charcoal pore strip on my wet nose, meant to be kept for 15-20 minutes and then peeled off. It says on the package that the natural hardwood charcoal has excellent qualities to absorb excess sebum and blackheads for cleaner, less visible pores around the nose, whilst volcanic ash helps to clear dead cells. The pore strip worked quite well for me and I could immediately feel the difference in how clean my face was looking.

But for best results I strongly recommend you properly clean and scrub your face before using the pore strip because when a few days later I used it before going the previous two steps, the results were not that great.

Well, then let’s talk about the final step – where I just put the crushed Raspberry Fruit smoothie deep pore cleansing mask, which smells as delicious as it sounds. And all I did was put this mask on, with cucumber slices on my eyes and my favourite music playing in the background. How I felt after washing my face after 20 minutes??? – Rejuvenated and happy to see my skin smiling 🙂 and big yay at no breakouts after all the deep cleansing.

With Diwali, the big Indian festival just round the corner, I am all set to now try the two other masks from MJ – THE pulped Pomegranate Peel off Passion and Bearberry and Licorice Whitening mask. Stay tuned for review for them.

mj2 ed

mj1 ed

Meanwhile explore the awesomeness from MJ at their website here – http://www.montagnejeunesse.com/ and their Facebook page here – https://www.facebook.com/MontagneJeunesseUAE

Until I see you next, keep glowing! 🙂



Disclaimer :
Sample sent by Montagne Jeunesse UAE but the views are my own and unbiased.

Clicked by Chandni Lahoti. Please do not use without prior written permission.
Images are of Chandni Lahoti and subject to copyright.

Neutrogena launches Visibly Clear Pore and Shine Range

Hola lovely ladies in the Sheikhland and around the world!

I have a very exciting event to tell y’all about and a very promising skin care product to share information about.

Excited … aren’t you? If yes, then read on.

neutrogena collage

Living in Dubai or anywhere in the Middle East comes with own challenges in terms of skin and hair care. And to cater to the specific needs of this region, Neutrogena has come up with a special line of daily wash and scrub, the launch event of which was as refreshing as is its brand new green Packaging. Organised by Tish Tash Marketing and PR, the launch event on 09 April 2014, was a lovely breakfast morning at Urban Bystro, a very cute café In Dubai Media City and was attended by a lot many bloggers and media.

I was welcomed with a lovely Green drink which was not only healthy but delicious too.


I was given a brief about the new range and here it is for you –

Large pores and oily skin are the two skin problems most women struggle with in this region, especially with the arrival of the summer months.

Luckily, there’s a new hard working ally in our corner: Neutrogena Visibly Clear® Pore & Shine – a double action product range that tackles pores and shine in one go, helping us achieve a flawless-looking complexion.

The new range consists of a daily wash and a daily scrub formulated to unclog and minimize pores’ size; and clinically proven to immediately remove 77% of excess sebum, providing a lasting matte finish without over-drying the skin.


What’s more, the new range has a delectable and uplifting tangerine and lime scent, which will make our new cleansing routine a joy.

Product and Price information:

Neutrogena® Visibly Clear® Pore & Shine Daily Wash, AED 44.86

Neutrogena® Visibly Clear® Pore & Shine Daily Scrub, AED 44.86

I tried the above products a couple of times since yesterday and loving its refreshing summery scent. A review will be up soon in this space after I have used them for a week.

For now, here are some more pictures from the event for you –








Until then, take good care of yourself and look beautiful!


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My Valentine treat – Oxygen Express Facial@Turkuaz House

With the Valentine month being here, like every other girl in love, I wanted to look my best on my Valentine date with hubby and like every other girl in the Sheikhland, I was getting all worried about my dry, unhappy skin – Thanks to the dry climate in the Sheikhland and a bigger thank you to the air-cons.

And so before showing Valentine love to hubby, I knew I needed to show some love and a lot of care to my miserable skin.

Call it a great coincidence or a telepathy, my lovely friend and an amazing blogger (well she is amongst the top 3 bloggers in the Sheikhland) Shweta Dembla from Dubai in a frame, gave me a Valentine month treat by organising an Oxygen Express Facial at Turkuaz House, a beauty salon with the spa feel at Al Wasl Road, Jumeira.

As soon as I entered the Turkuaz House, the refreshing interiors in white and aqua started doing its magic on me.


And then came in my lovely therapist, with a flawless skin and as you would understand, her beautiful skin made me more excited about all the pampering my skin was going to get. And especially knowing that the kind of facial I was about to get is going to create a revolution in the world of skin care, I was all curious to know how is it gonna be.


Oxygen Express Facial – yes ladies – it’s my pleasure to talk to you about this awesome facial – a facial that breathes life into your skin with a spray of oxygen and effective exfoliation of course followed by face massage and a wonderful face pack. And whilst I am telling you all this, let me tell you my skin is a happy, bright and lusturous one. So happy that I feel it is smiling. 🙂

Don’t believe me?

Have a look here – What say you? 🙂


And the icing on the cake is that this 40 minutes long and very effective facial costs just AED 270. Wala!

Thanks so much Shweta for organising this for me! Much love my friend! 🙂

And thanks a lot Turkuaz House for this fantastic Valentine treat! Both me and my skin feel much in love with each other and does my Valentine! Blush Blush! 🙂

So, all you lovelies out there, show some love to your skin this February and be fabulous!

Until we speak next, keep glowing!!!

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