Decor Den@Sheikhland – Handmade goodies for home

Making my little home@Sheikh-land is the highlight of my life these days, keeping me busy and smiling as little additions find a corner in my dwelling, making this house, a home. There is a lot of research going behind it I tell you and I am awed by how little things can add your personality to your home.

The most popular these days are little quotes or expressions that give a beautiful personal touch to your cosy abode and I was so keen on grabbing a few for mine.

My research took me to Décor den, where not only did I spot these cute little goodies that had words to make me smirk but also had this hand-made charm.

Designed by Shaili Kapadia Bhujwala, these keyboards and frames are not ‘just leyboards or frames’ but are very pretty accessories for your walls.

Now isn’t this really sweet? I would so love to have this in my kitchen –


Makes me love my kitchen all the more-


Makes me smile 🙂 –


Now who wouldn’t want to have such positive thoughts on the walls –


Perfect gift for Daddies who love their bars –


And a perfect gift for mummas who love cooking for the family –


Another goodie here –


So, if like me, you love what you saw, then hop on to the Facebook page of Décor den here and have a look at loads of other hand-made goodies –

Until we speak next, Happy home-making! 🙂

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