How soon ‘NOT NOW’ becomes ‘NEVER’….!!!

They say that the words that can hurt the most are ‘I wish I had……’. On this birthday of mine, while I was doing some much needed introspection, I realised that last year I have not done/achieved/experienced some of the greatest things l could have because I kept saying ‘not now’ to them. More than feeling bad or sad, I felt immensely guilty for having ‘the procrastination syndrome’, which I think a lot of us suffer from.

It’s great to feel inspired. it’s wonderful to feel passionate, it’s downright marvellous to have dreams and ideas- but they are all empty promises, missed opportunities, dead, forgotten, never to be seen or heard of again if you never do anything about them.

Of course, not all our dreams will come true, but the longer we procrastinate, the more time we waste on meaningless tasks that we all call a routine, the less time we will have to create and mould our true destiny. So what if you’re not the smartest, hottest talent around? So what if you’ve got no experience or have never been perfect. Who’s to say that what you’ve become is what you’re meant to be -only you.

 Life may not be that blissful sometimes and you may have no love, no hotshot career or wardrobe to die for, no silver lining, no magic wand, nor a miracle diet…..still all you have is YOU and when you procrastinate, even you stop being with yourself.

So for me, it’s a good-bye to ‘not now ‘ and welcome to ‘right now’ . Life is ‘NOW OR NEVER’.



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