The ‘Green’ Gifts!



Hello lovely people from and around the blogosphere!
All well?
Well, all is rather green, actually a happy green in the humble abode of yours truly and I have two lovely girlfriends to thank for that, who very generously gifted me some lovely plants to me last week. Now, as you all very well know, how much I am besotted with gardening, plants and just ‘ a green spirit’ these days ( My Instagram, Facebook, Blog layout and Twitter updates gotta be an enough proof – wink *). So nothing could have made a better gift for me than some plants. Rather inspired by my friends’ gesture, I have now decided to keep this Green ball rolling and to start gifting plants in place of anything else.
I am sure those who live in Middle East would rather agree with me on this as we do require much more greenery in this part of the world.
But, what I am most excited to share with you all is what I did with the gifted plants.
Any guesses? smiles *
Just to remember my beautiful friends every time I see those plants, I painted/crafted the Initial of their names on the respective pots given by them – M & V. 🙂
Trust me, a BIG smile flashes across my face every time I look at these plants, now they also remind me of the wonderful people who have given them to me, inspired me and made me feel loved.
Do you like to receive or gift plants too?



9 thoughts on “The ‘Green’ Gifts!

    • Yeah me too 🙂 how you been dear? Got a lot of catching up to do on your blog. Can’t wait ! Happy blogging! ❤


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